using the Electronic brick - 3-Axis Accelerometer Module (BE

So I got two in the mail, they are nice and small. It appears I ordered too soon as it appears I was charge $13 a piece instead of the price of 1/2 that I thought I was paying. :astonished: First I tried a 4 wire buckled cable with the Electronic Brick Chassis V1.1 board, using the I2c connector. No joy. Hmm so it went to the V4 Brick Shield moved the jumpers to iic mode and tried it there. No joy either. So I look at the code, and there actually is no test for the device being present. The Wiring library returns 0 whether or not a chip is present. Hence the all 0s being displayed I am getting concerned a bit concerned but, then I went to the data sheet. Hurray there is one! and wired it to the i2c connections on the seeedmega. Note the order of pins is different on the seeedmega than the device, but I have plenty of jumpers to work around that. Now I start seeing numbers other than 0 out of the demo sketch. So the demo sketch outputs all 0 and no indication if it is hooked up wrong. Out side of that the range for me waving it around a bit is +/- 20, more energic movement yields fullscale of 31 to -32. Tilt sensor is straight forward. Time to read the datasheet more.

I need to do some poking around to see why the others did not work. I am suspecting the issue is the mega pin differences. Although I did have some 3 wiring sensors, that might be coliding on the pins. Both of those have bit me before. So it is working. Nice little package. Need to come up with a project use it.

The problem is the mega does not map the i2c to the same ports. The extension boards work just fine on the seeeduino. Sigh I know I have run into this before. Almost the same is not the same as the same.

Thanks for the questions and sharing… :smiley: