Using the DSO with a Mac (proof of concept software)


If you are a MacOS user, then you know that MacOS really likes to create many invisible files on any mounted filesystem. This is of course a problem for the DSOQuad. I’ve been working on this proof of concept app that intercepts the DSO and stops it from mounting. It then create a proxy device that can be used as a normal device.
Download DSOMount here:

Important! This is really just a proof of concept. It has been tested with the following configuration / conditions:

  • MacOS 10.7 (should work with 10.6 and 10.8. Will not work with 10.5).
  • DSO Quad HW2.7, default firmware.
  • Uploading a .HEX file to the virtual DFU disk.
  • Uploading a pawn app.
  • Deleting a pawn app (see known issues bellow).

If DSOMount somehow fails to intercept the virtual device, MacOS will immediately start writing invisible files to it. If that happens, you will have to use Windows to remove the .err files and maybe reformat the drive. Please don’t use DSOMount unless you know how to do that.

How to use:

  • Start DSOMount.
  • Plug in the DSO, hold the “>||” button and power it.
  • DSOMount will create a proxy device that will either show on your desktop or in the connected servers list (depending on your Finder settings).
  • Copy a .HEX file to the proxy device.
  • DSOMount will copy it to the DSO, the proxy device will disappear, the Finder will show an error message (ignore it), and the proxy device will show up again.
  • Unplug the DSO (the Finder will show an error again).

You may also use it to upload a pawn app, with the known limitations listed below.

Known issues / limitations:

  • MacOS will show the alert message that is created when a HD is unplugged without ejecting it first. It’s annoying but you can safely ignore it.
  • Deleting a pawn app will actually remove it from the device but the Finder will think it is still there (restart the DSO to fix that).
  • Adding / removing a pawn app will not update the available size info in the Finder (restart the DSO to fix that).

Many of the bugs can be fixed, but some feedback on the app would be welcome. As I said, this is just a proof of concept and if I ever build a v2 it will have to be rewritten from scratch (and I will make it open source).