Using SD_MMC library on Seeed Xiao ESP32S3 Sense?

Hello all, I was able to run the demo successfully using the SD.h code to write to the SD card on the Xiao ESP32S3 Sense. However, some code that I would like to use uses the SD_MMC.h functions instead. When I try to even run the SD_MMCTest sketch in Arduino, is says SD card mount failed. Has anyone had any success running SD_MMC with the Sense? Thanks, Justin

To answer my question, I had to update the arduino-esp32 in boards manager and then I was able to get it to run.

Verify that the SD_MMC library is compatible with the Xiao ESP32S3 Sense and the ESP32-S3 platform. It’s possible that there could be compatibility issues or that specific configurations are needed for this particular hardware.

Hi @jlutzwpi , I’m facing the same issue, but my libraries are all up to date. Can you please share the arduino-esp32 version you are using?
Do you did any changes to the Code?
Also, do you did the jumper below the Expansion board as the Wiki says?

Hi there,
You may need to roll back the esp32 library, Look at some of the compiler outputs and see the versions etc.
What error are you getting.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

I was using the library SD_MMC.h and was getting the error “SD card mount failed”.
So I switched to SD.h and it works (I do not tested the performance).
Just like the SD we have to make a change on the SD.begin(21), I think SD_MMC needs also some tuning on pins, but I tried many options and none work.