Using rainbowdash firmware to scroll text

Are there any examples out there of using the rainbowdash firmware besides those that come with the distribution? I can’t really decode the examples included, I’d like to scroll text incoming from the serial port.

I’ve seen there is a scroll_row_left(unsigned char * buffer, signed char row, unsigned char c, unsigned char r, unsigned char g, unsigned char b) method but can’t really figure out how to call it internally passing it a long string.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, including using alternative approaches/firmware, my only constraint is no I2C as I’m sending data directly to Rainbowduino from Python.


Which firmware is the function “scroll_row_left” from? Where can I download it?
I want to have a look.

Hi Steve have a look here line 236: … mmands.cpp

There is also an example of scrolling text, but from what I see the program is feeding the rainbowduino one character at a time to fill a buffer and then scroll (I think, C is not really my thing). Line 422 here: … wmarquee.c

Any help much appreciated.