Using Nrf52840 sense without connected to usb

Hi, I wondering how should i use my xiao 52840 with batteries. Where to connect them to work without using usb port.

LOL, C’mon man… Oh’ wait that’s ESPN.
On the bottom are two battery pad’s PLUS(+) and Minus (-) or use a power brick with usb C connection. Either way works well. What is the root driving idea you are having or are you just Testing around?
Lots of smart folks here , so HTH
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Just testing around. The “root” idea is i want independent my board from usb once flashed and walk with it on pocket. Maybe feed it with a couple of AAA. I was confused on the 2 pads beneath they are only to recharging. You can answer and laugh at the same time. No problem.

:smile:All Good , Yea those are for a rechargeable LIPO, i/e. the USB when plugged in will re-charge the battery soldered to those pads. Works very well IMO.
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