Using multiple Grove I2C V1.3 Motor Drivers

So I have an arduino connected to 2 V1.3 motor drivers and I do not understand how to control them individually. If I attempt to move MOTOR1 on one driver the other drivers MOTOR1 also moves.

#define RearDriver 0x0f
#define FrontDriver 0x0a
#define FDriver Motor
#define RDriver Motor

void setup() {

void loop() {
FDriver.speed(MOTOR1, 50);
FDriver.speed(MOTOR2, 0);

RDriver.speed(MOTOR1, 0);
RDriver.speed(MOTOR2, 50);

Both jumpers are connected, and the drivers are being powered via a 7.4V Lipo


the problem is that there is no delay function in your code. So you set up the motor1, stop the motor2, set up the motor2, stop the motor1……you just do all the things at almost the same time, so it seems that they work together.