Using MR60BHA1 60GHz mmWave Module - Respiratory Heartbeat Detection with Sensor Kit

Newbie here! I have purchased mmWave Human Detection Sensor Kit and a separate MR60BHA1 60GHz mmWave Module - Respiratory Heartbeat Detection.

How to configure/reconfigure the starter kit after replacing out of teh box sensor with new MR60BHA1 60GHz mmWave Module - Respiratory Heartbeat Detection?

I am able to see only basic human activity detection parameters, but not new parameters Respiratoy and heartbeat. I suspect I many need to reconfigure the kit to obtain new sensor specific parameters. Looking forward for pointers to any documentation/procedure I need to follow.

Thanks for the help in advance

Maybe this post will help you

For the MR60BHA1, the installation needs to be the same as the kit. Here is his tutorial as well as the user manual that might be helpful to you

Hello, I am in exactly the same position as the OP. The documentation shows how to connect the MR60BHA1 to an Arduino device. My question is how can the MR60 sensor be used with ESPHome?
I suspect that this feature has not been developed yet? If not, do you know when it might become available?
Finally, I am somewhat adept at programming. Can you offer any pointers on how to modify the code that was used to interface the 24GHz sensor to ESPHome so that it works with the 60GHz sensor? I have never written a custom ESPHome driver, but if you can point me to the code for the 24GHz version, perhaps I could modify it.
Thanks, Jim

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@Seeed_Seraphina Thanks a lot for the quick reply and sharing the documentation.

  1. My scenario is to do a POC for passing monitoring vital parameters like heartbeat.
  2. I have installed mmwave 60ghz Respiratory Heartbeat sensor as mentioned in the document.

I am trying to figure out how to configure newly added 60Ghz Respiratory Heartbeat sensor so that I can get correct sensor parameters in ESPHome form the mmWave kit

Hi there

I’m sorry, currently we donot have plans to do this

Perhaps the information provided here will be helpful

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Yes, thank you. I have a question, when I am receiving the 0x80 0x85 (X,Y.Z pos), the device is always showing x00 x00 for the ZZ data. The XX and YY data looks good. The length reported is x0006. Do I have the latest firmware? Or is there some other problem?

Product model: R60ASM1
Product ID: 0.0.1
HW Version: G60SM1SYv01010
HW Model: R60A