Using Grove LoRa with Arduino Nano 33 BLE sense


I am trying to send Lora messages from my Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense. I have connected “Grove - LoRa Radio 433 MHz” to Arduino using Grove Shield -

I am using “rf95_client” example (found here - Grove_LoRa_433MHz_and_915MHz_RF/rf95_client.ino at master · Seeed-Studio/Grove_LoRa_433MHz_and_915MHz_RF · GitHub) and defined the following for serial:

#define COMSerial Serial
#define ShowSerial SerialUSB

RH_RF95<HardwareSerial> rf95(COMSerial);

I can compile it, however I receive “init failed” from the Serial Port when trying uploading to Arduino:

init failed

Thanks in advance!