Using Grove GSR at other locations

Hi everyone, I recently bought a Grove GSR sensor and have been using it to monitor myself while playing video games. However, it is quite inconvenient to wear the sensor on the finger and play at the same time as it introduces motion noise.

Therefore, I am looking into other possible locations. I have tried it with my wrist, which seems to work, but anywhere else on the upper body (e.g., chest, forehead) won’t. For example, when I deep breathe, I can see a sudden drop in the raw sensor value, followed by a gradual increase when I wear it on the finger. Still, for other locations, the raw sensor value decreases gradually from the start till the end.

This does not match what I have found online [1], and hence, I would like to ask if the Grove GSR is optimized for measuring at the fingers only or if there are some procedures I am missing. Thank you all so much!

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