Using grove digital light sensor with microbit

I’m having trouble getting the grove digital light sensor to work with microbit.

I use grove shield to connect the sensor, and makecode to code. The problem is that I can’t find sample code, and there are - as far as I can see - no extensions for the digital light sensor in makecode.

I have used analog light sensor with the same set up, and it works fine. But would like to get the more advanced digital sensor working… Any ideas for code?

This is a Wiki about Grove digital light sensor. You can have a look

Thanks for reply. My challenge is to connect the sensor to microbit, using I need to use this platform because I’m a teacher, and most of the school in my area use microbit. I have not found the solution on the wiki.

I’m sorry that I misunderstood your question.

Actually the Grove digital light sensor is not compatible with the micro-bit. Grove products that are micro-bit compatible are available in this Wiki.

I don’t know if you only want to use the Grove digital light sensor, or if you can choose another digital sensor as a teaching example. The following Wiki has examples of other micro-bit-compatible grove products in action.

I hope this is helpful