Using Grove Button on ReSpeaker 4-Mic-Array for Raspberry Pi via GP12 possible?

Hi everybody,
I understand that the ReSpeaker 4-Mic-Array for Raspberry Pi has two Grove ports for GP12 (mapped to GPIO 12 and 13) and I2S. As I want to build an voice assistant I wanted to pin a button to the GP12 port in order to disable the mic, etc. I bought an Grove Button with the official cable but I’m unable to read the button state. I tried to listen on both GPIO ports (using Python gpiozero but also using the Linux kernel userland, it works with conventional buttons so it is not an OS/Hardware issue I assume) and also tried the grovepi and examples from GitHub - without any success. Am I missing something here?

Here’s my latest code:

import time
import grovepi

# Connect the Grove Button to digital port D3
button = 12


while True:

    except IOError:
        print ("Error")

Any hints are welcome - thanks a lot in advance!

Best wishes,

Hi people,
Don’t want to dig this out - but are there some news on this? Did I miss something?

Best wishes - thanks a lot in advance,

I have the exact same problem, I was wondering if you managed to find a solution to your problem ?

Sincerly, Thomas.

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Hi @Thomas_De_Queiros,

unfortunately I did not find a solution so far. :frowning:

Maybe somebody else has some tips?