Im trying to light up the 8x8 led panel it uses digital pins 4 5 6 7 so i have connected the pins to the panel via jumpers. It doesnt seem to communicate is there anything special or different on how to use the film digital outputs? am i missing something?

As Seeeduino Film works in 3.3v, IOs high level is ~3.3v.
And the 8x8 LED panel need 5v IOs level to drive.
You need add extra circuit for the level converter.


i knew it was something simple like that… what type of ic would be best that chip comes in 20 different formats is there a version thats good for prototyping with breadboard… can you take a look at and find out wich one would be best for this application… appears they only sell that chip as surfacemount type… hmmm is there a breakout board out there for this chip or somthing that will do the job simular.


Found this on sparkfun…

what do you think… price is right…

i did some more research and decided on getting soip version and use a smt prototype board… i will let you know how it all turns out can you tell im bored lol…

Is there anything i need to know about using the 74lvc4245?