Using Channel-A (or B) as swipe timeline

Hi all.

In standard oscilloscopes (CRT) it is the input that I can use to control the horizontal movement.
Very commonly used for measurements like swipe generators to measure frequency response,
spectrum analyzer, etc - i.e. X is the scale (usually it is frequency), Y is the value.

I’ve checked DSO manual but didn’t find that feature - is it possible to do?

Usually what I need is called X-Y mode when horizontal swipe is one channel and vertical -another.
Even Xminilab can do it.

Did I simply missed this feature description from the manual?


The default firmware does not have the X-Y mode, but some of the other mods posted on this forum do. The 8-bit ADC limits the resolution somewhat, though.

True. The max resolution achievable is 256x256 (not considering DSO window size and other factors).
Anyway, the biggest problem is the calibration offset: the DSO MUST be accurately calibrated to display Lissajous patterns correctly

I don’t own the DSO Quad. I would like to use it as a vectorscope (that is, for X-Y or Lissajous displays).

Which mods support this feature? Does the firmware continue to support the standard DSO Quad features and interface?

Thank you for your assistance.