Using Bluetooth shield -- pin settings wrong?

I’m trying to use the Bluetooth tutorial. I’ve done just the Grove LED part as the first step. That file is attached. When run, the Serial messages do show up on the serial monitor, but the LED starts up blue and never changes. I’ve done all I can to insure that the right pins are being specified and mate up with what I can see of the hardware, that the right things are plugged into the right sockets, but no changes to the LED take place. What is recommended? I do not know what the next step should be. I would have to assume it’s an I/O error, but I don’t see what the error is.

Update: This forum will not allow me to add the source file (or it appears any file) to this question. So, I can email it to anyone that might want to help. Please contact me at .


hey , maybe you can add some files now after you have put a first post. And have you solved your problem?