Using an external antenna with Grove LoRa-E5

Is it possible to use more power by connecting an external antenna to Grove LoRa-E5?
Should I just connect the antenna connector or should I do something else? What happens to the wire antenna that is connected on the board itself?
Are both antennas connected at the same time or should one of them be disconnected?

You can use the antenna connector to extend range of radio for sure ! It’s not indicated in Wiki of manufacturer but usually there should be somewhere on the board (around the existing antenna or antenna connector) either a solder jumper or a 0 ohm resistor to move between two pads to switch from the integrated antenna for the antenna connector ! Be careful that in this mode you should never power the module without an antenna connected on it or you might destroy the E5 chipset !!

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According to the schematic, it looks like both antennas are connected!

yep but I think schematic doesn’t represent the pads you can use to change that ! I can see on detailed picture of board that there are 2 pair of pads free to do some junction and I strongly suspect it’s way to connect/disconnect each antenna connection from the processor :wink:

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I saw the pins but it is not clear how to use them.

Both the wire antenna and the u.FL socket is connected. The unpopulated pads are for antenna matching along with the 0R resistor, the schematic has them as DNP (do not populate) so it’s supposed to be some capacitors there to match the antenna.

To disconnect the wire ant you can just snip it off or solder it off.

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