Using AES library in XIAO BLE senseboard


I want to use the AES encryption library to encrypt the data I send using XIAO BLE sense. However, when I include the AESLib.h in my code it throws an error attached to this message. How can I fix this issue?
Thank you in advance.

Hi, it looks like this is the ESP32 library and I’m not sure if it will work properly on XIAO nRF52840. The error message suggests that the pgmaspace.h file is missing, it should be missing some memory definition content, you can try to install it and try again by referring to the introduction here.

Hi @Citric, thank you for your response. It seems like there is no progmem.h file for xiao board. How do I use the AES library with the xiao board? If not the AES library is there any other encryption library for the xiao board?

Sorry, not available at this time.

Thanks for the information @Citric.