Using a R/C charger?

Has anyone tried a standard RC lipo charger with the Nano?

Any pictures on where to nicely add some kind of socket for this purpose?

The battery connector actually looks like the ones used on a Walkera 4-3 helicopter. Maybe its cheap charger can be useful as a simple (but proper) charger for this…

There’s no real need for a “proper” charger, as it would have a charge controller inside. You should be able to just supply 5v on the USB port to get it to charge. Maybe try it with one of those USB wall warts or car chargers.


From the discussions here and elsewhere, I was under the impression that while a charge controller of some kind was in the design, it was omitted in the actual hardware. Did they change this? That would be great then. I don’t have one yet, but does your Nano have one?

We will add the charging circuit in next revision. :slight_smile: