Using 2 units of the Keyestudio Respeaker for a MagicMirror project ( Sorry for the TL:DR)

For anyone who is not familiar and/or interested in reading about MagicMirror projects please see for further details. I would like to install 2 Keyestudio ReSpeakers, using a Raspberry Pi 4B , one Respeaker unit per left and right side of the MagicMirror frame in order to enable (hopefully) to increase the input audio sensitivity with respect various areas of my abode. I still have to do some research with respect to whether or not the Raspberry Pi is capable of supporting two ReSpeaker units but I am also wondering if participants of this forum would be willing to impart documented or personal experience of implementing such a procedure which I out-lined above.
I guess # 1 question would be if running DuPont pin connector wires from the Raspberry Pi to each ReSpeaker via such a unit as the 2 x 20-pin Strip Dual Male Header Double Row Straight GPIO Connector Pin Header (example @, would be advisable? What a mouthful,eh? FWIW, it even makes my eyes glass over!! LOL!
Question #2 is respect to the ReSpeaker being mounted in or on “wood” and what material would be recommended for esthetic and optimum audio transfer to the ReSpeader microphones. My initial guess (yes, that’s honestly a “guess” on my part! lol) would be inclined to use a cloth like material but would be really interested in others opinions. As an retired old fart, importance would be more inclined to the optimum audio transfer rather than esthetic. As an aside I have been experimenting with MyCroft AI for a Personal Assistant interface. Sorry but as a newcomer to this forum, I am not allowed to post more than two URLs Thanks! :slight_smile: