Using 2.13" e-ink display with Raspberry Pi and I2C


I’m hoping to use this 2.13" e-ink display using the raspberry pi I2C interface so that I can also use this moisture sensor connected to the same Raspberry Pi, via a grove HAT.

I can’t find any instructions for using this display with I2C. Is it possible to control via I2C or is it not designed to be used for that purpose? I spent a bit of time attempting to modify the WaveShare SPI control code to use smbus for I2C, but without the GPIO connections I don’t think it’s possible to even turn the display on.

Any tips for getting started using I2C, or am I going in the wrong direction to be able to use this display simultaneously with a moisture sensor?

Is that work for you ?

This code is using the SPI interface and GPIO pins to determine the display state- is it possible to control the display over I2C only, using the grove port on the display?

I dont think it could be do that.

Okay, thank you! Do you know what the purpose is of the I2C port on the e-ink display?

I don,t think it will run it will show an error. Anyone, please make clear in detail how to do that.
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