Use Xcode with embedXcode to develop for the Seeeduino Xiao M0

embedXcode is a template for Xcode, the free IDE for macOS, to ease development for the most popular embedded computing boards.

Since release 11.7.2, embedXcode supports the Seeeduino Xiao M0. Additionally, the embedXcode+ edition leverages the exposed SWD pads for debugging with a Segger J-Link probe.

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@reivilo I’m glad to see that.Thank you.

You’re welcome!

I’ve also posted a full review of the Seeeduino Xiao M0.

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I’ve received today the Wio Terminal I’ve ordered some time ago, and I rushed to test it.

Good news, embedXcode now supports the Wio Terminal board, with both Serial USB and mass storage device (UF2). The SWD pads are too hidden to make an easy connection and use the Segger J-Link Edu to program and debug as I did with the Xiao board.

Actually, there is no much room left on the main board for a standard 2x5 0.05" SWD connector. Maybe on the top left corner?