Use SCT-013-030 Non-invasive AC Current Sensor Clamp Sensor with XIAO ESP32S3

I want to measure current using XIAO ESP32S3 and SCT-013-030 Non-invasive AC Current Sensor Clamp Sensor by using this schematic:

I have connected 50w bulb and on my multimeter 0.2A is valued and I am not able to get value on ESP32S3, I am using this code by Emonlib:

#include "EmonLib.h"                   // Include Emon Library
EnergyMonitor emon1;                   // Create an instance

void setup()
  emon1.current(A0, 111.1);             // Current: input pin, calibration.

void loop()
  double Irms = emon1.calcIrms(1480);  // Calculate Irms only
  Serial.print(Irms*230.0);	       // Apparent power
  Serial.print(" ");
  Serial.println(Irms);		       // Irms

Looking forward to measure current with XIAO ESP32S3! Thanks!

Hello, could you show us how your connect this sensor?

@xzxcessarr My connection looks like this:

ADC is connected to D0 of XIAO ESP32S3. I am trying to arrange some 15-30Amp load, but it is difficult to find any appliances which consumes this much amps, any suggestions for testing? I will be using this application to monitor current usage of big motors/pumps etc.

@xzxcessarr hey, did you looked at the schematic?

The CT can take multiple turns to multiple the response. If you have a 6 amp space heater, wrap 5 turns through the CT window and the CT will report 30 amps.

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