Use of undocumented AT commands in Arch GPRS library


I’ve been working with the Arch GPRS board and the associated mbed GPRS library (which apparently I’m not allowed to link to…).

However, I’ve been confused by the fact that the library uses AT commands (e.g. CSTT, CIPSTART and CIPSEND which are not documented in either of the AT command references listed on the wiki (e.g. here or here).

It seems like these undocumented commands present an interface similar to, for example, the SIM900 interface but other commands from the SIM900 are not implemented (e.g. CIFSR).

Are these undocumented commands, um, documented somewhere? :slight_smile: How did you know you could use them? And how can I retrieve the device’s IP address?




I have similar questions about EG-10 (Arch GPRS modem).
This is a mail I have just send to EG-10 manufacturers. If I get a response, I will post at this thread.


I’m constructiong a prototype system with ARCH GPRS ( ). It has a EG-10 GPRS modem.
I need use DNS instead of fixed IP to make a TCP connection. I was trying to configure a DNS server, with this AT commando: AT+CDNSCFG
When I use this command, I get an error. So, It seems that EG-10 doesn’t support DNS resolve. So, my questions…

  • Is that true? (EG-10 doen’t supports DNS server)
  • Maybe is available a firmware upgrade with DNS lookup support? I read at that EG-10 supports wireless upgrade, but I didn’t found documentation about how to do it
  • Can you send me technical documentation about EG-10 in english?

Here, another client with similar questions: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=5092&hilit=eg10

Thanks in advance.
Antonio Santos.

(sorry for my bad english)