Use of the relay shield v 1.3 without ardunio or xbee

HI I was wondering is it possible to use the sheild without the Arduino or the XBee? As I need access to the following pins 7, 8, 9, 10 for Control of servos and a GND and VCC for a laser. And the board uses these pins. I just need a relay to function as a remote switch to emulate a momentary switch, can you please advise me on the connections that I would need to make?

  1. I have 9V external power connected to the Shield
  2. The signal from the Arduino (pin 10) to go to the com on the shield?
  3. One side of the switch to the NO connector and the other to NC on the shield
  4. Do i still need to program the board?

hey,how can you control something remotely without Xbee ? And you need a high TTL level to open relay shield through Arduino port, just like a switch.