Use of the Grove.


My name is Marcio Luiz, I’m from Brazil.

I work as a software developer.

I am starting a project in the horticulture area in Brazil with great difficulty. I started a major study on components and systems for this purpose.

All the study material and success case that I find always take me to other countries on everything from hydroponics systems, lighting and everything in between.

With that I came across the need to have some components such as PH sensor, EC / TDS, Humidity, Temperature, CO2 among others. None of these components are easy to find in national stores and websites. I only find them on imported sites and as you can know the economy around here sucks.

In my research I found components such as Atlas Scientific (, DFRobot (, Keyestudio ( and Seeed Grove.

Here, in addition to all the others, I managed to find something incredible that were the schematic diagram of some of these components. In DFRobot it is also possible to find some schematic diagram of the oldest components.

My question is:
Can I use these schematic diagram found here to assemble my own component here in Brazil?

It’s safe ?
Would I be committing a crime?

I thank anyone who can help with these issues.