Use of SeeedStudio MotorShield v1.0 in industrial environmen

One of our engineers wants to use an Arduino Uno R3 paired with your SeeedStudio MotorShield v1.0 to control a stepper motor in a piece of industrial equipment that will be running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. My concern is whether this board can handle this type of work load. I know your device has a heat sink on the controller chip for the motor but can it handle continuous use without any special modifications needed. I don’t want to have something designed around this board and have it die after a few days of continuous use.


hey , if your total output current of motor shield is less than 500mA, you can do that. But we suggest you not use this motor shield in industrial environmen.

Jacket Chen,
Thanks for the reply. I’ll pass along the information to the engineers here.