Use DSO Nano to read remote code

I’d like to use the DSO nano to get the code from my remote for an arduino to reproduce its pulsating frequency can anyone tell me how to do this? I know how to program arduino in general but I have never done anything like this… In Detailed what can I do to get the code that the ir led is pulsating at for each button? meaning will the code look simle like 0x64 or will Ihave to the the arduino a code like led state = high, delay 25 led state = low delay 10, led state = high delay 100 etc…

first, you must know the protocol used by your remote.
second, the remote, don’t send plain signal, but a carrier modulated, with protocol specification, the carrier may vary from 36 to 38 Khz , and the protocol may vary from RC5, to sony to toshiba.
to read the code, you must have a receiver like tsop 1738 (for 38 khz) or 1736 (for 36 khz) that receive and demodulate the signal, taking you a plain signal that you can see whit DSO.

sorry, if this may be inaccurate, but i’m starting to study the ir code now!!!