USB VID/PID for the Xiao ESP32-S3 and Xiao ESP32-S3 Sense for CircuitPython


CircuitPython is adding the board definitions for the new Xiao ESP32-S3 and Xiao ESP32-S3 sense boards, but to do that, the board definitions need to includ unique USB VID/PID numbers. I know that Seeed has its own VID, so I would like to ask which PID did it assign to those two boards? The boards can’t be added without that information.

The pull request is here: Add Seeed Studio Xaio ESP32-S3 board by anecdata · Pull Request #8095 · adafruit/circuitpython · GitHub

As an aside, I just got the camera working on circuitpython with a beta build for the sense board. Here’s a photo of it streaming into the browser.

I hope that the information is provided soon, so the board definitions can be added and other users can do things like that!

Hello, after asking the develop department, the PID/VID of our devices using the esp office manufacturer, it is at encrypted situation

That is very unfortunate, we can’t add a new board definition unless it has a unique VID/PID. Is there any way for Seeed to assign one?

For your purpose I think the easy way is development with the esp official toolchain or port its open source

Personally I have no problem compiling custom CircuitPython firmware for that board and using this in my projects. However, if we add the board definition to the CircuitPython repository, it will appear on for other people to easily download and use.

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Seeed has 5 other boards so far with unique PIDs for CircuitPython (and I assume unique PIDs for Arduino too):
• Xiao (M0)
• Xiao KB
• Wio Terminal
• Xiao nRF52840
• Xiao RP2040
It’s much less likely that people will use a Seeed board for CircuitPython if it does not have pre-compiled firmware at and it cannot have pre-compiled firmware without a unique PID.

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@xzxcessarr any progress on this?

We just had another person asking for a CircuitPython build for this board, it would really greatly help if Seeedstudio would provide the VID/PID, so that we can add this board to the repository and publish the builds for it automatically on It would also increase the visibility of the board to have it listed there, for people looking for boards that have CircuitPython support.


You can find it yourself using Windows Device Manager.

Did you see that list?

Seeed Studio just need to fill it.

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Would you mind sharing the code used to make the camera work in CircuitPython? I just installed CP V9.03 on one of my ESP32S3 (plain). Finally able to get a SSD1306 working - library changed from CP V8.x. Unable to see any results with the 6x10 XIAO RGB Matrix (no errors but no pixel display either). The other project was getting the camera to work in CircuitPython. I did not know where to start, especially a library to use for the camera.

It’s been a while ago, but this is the code I used: Streaming | Details |

I didn’t try it with 9.x, since there are no convenient builds until Seeed provides the VID/PID for them.

Thank you! That is very helpful. Curious why SEEED did not think to provide the VID/PID at the onset.