USB Type C plug.. help!?

Hi there,

I want to do a new project that connects to a USB Type C plug.

My ECAD software for this project is Autodesk Eagle and I want to fabricate

it with SeeedStudio Fusion.

It’s intended to use the Wurth 632712000112. The required component

footprint has a rectangular protrusion with a small radius inside.

pasted from <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 000112.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>
[attachment=1]112_highlight protrusion.JPG[/attachment]

I am unsure about the design of the board so that it can be manufactured


Some key information:

The rectangle protrudes 1.2mm and is 1.3mm wide.

The inside corner radius is 0.3mm.

My thought to manufacture is:

1- slot has a minimum of 1mmx1mm , the red rectangle indicates a slot but

will be wider in real life

2- the orange circle represents a hole of diameter 0.3mm

together 1 and 2 will give me the required protrusion.

[attachment=1]112_highlight protrusion.JPG[/attachment]


Please let me know if this will work with your PCB manufacture and whether

there is a better way to achieve the same goal.

Additionally- This connector has pitch 0.5mm with a pad width of 0.3mm

(spacing of 0.2mm). I assume I need the “Minimum Solder Mask Dam” of 0.1mm

and not the default 0.4mm?
112_highlight protrusion.JPG

Email reply from Carmen Zheng:

Our standard milling tool diameter is 1mm so milling alone will not produce the internal radius needed. It is also very rare to find any sort of PCB milling tool below 0.5mm. I assume you have added 0.3mm drill holes on these spots to ensure the correct inner radius is met. We suggest adding an extra few to shape it out better.