USB to internet?

Hi, I’d like to be able to access the rephone as a modem over the USB.
That is I have an embedded USB Host and would like to access the internet over the rephone.
Is this possible.?
I noticed in the git\Arduino_IDE_for_RePhone\drivers it references FTDI
In the past FTDI has only implemented a proprietary protocol, so if the rephone/MT2502S implements usb device with FTDI it means that host side has to use FTDI drivers?

Rephone can be able to access the internet over GPRS, you can transfer the data on internet by USB.You can reference to the example : …\Arduino_IDE_for_RePhone\hardware\arduino\mtk\libraries\Network_https\examples\https_test
The driver is in the git/Arduino_IDE_for_RePhone/drivers/mtk/ It’s not a FTDI driver.
This driver just support Windows now. https_test only shows how to establish http connection, it does not show how to enable data on RePhone (by arduino code). I assume we firstly need to enable data and then can use the https_test sample. Similarly to regular mobile phone where user can enable/disable mobile data. Is there a sample how to do that? Or are the data enabled on RePhone whole time without possibility to change it?