USB Mouse Example Code Fails to Compile

The example code given on the Seeed wiki to create a simple mouse emulator fails to compile on my machine. I’m using a Seeed Xiao and have (I think :slight_smile: ) the correct libraries installed -
Seeed SAMD Boards 1.8.1
It fails to compile at line 42 …
Adafruit_USBD_HID usb_hid;
The failure is …
“cannot declare variable ‘usb_hid’ to be of abstract type ‘Adafruit_USBD_HID’”
Can anyone point me in the correct direction ?

Eventually cracked the issue with this myself - FWIW, the Adafruit Tiny USB library has some issues.
I had to go back to v0.10.0 to get it to work at all :-(((
Considering that the XIAO is advertised as being good as a USB device, this isn’t great - this was the second example I tried - hardly rocket science.
TBH, I’m really not impressed, I thought there would be a wealth of documentation/examples for this device - think I’ll just stick with the old arduino boards - at least they all function correctly - even though they’re all a bit long in the tooth and rather large/slow.