USB J-Link interface for Wio-WM1110 Dev Kit

Hi, I’m getting started with the Wio-WM1110 Dev Kit and am having trouble using the USB interface for development. The Seeed Wiki provides some information about setting up the development environment using the SEGGER Embedded Studio, however, I’m unable to get J-Link to connect in SES or using the J-Link tools over the USB connector on the dev kit. I’ve tried on both MacOS and Ubuntu using the recommended SES versions and installing the J-Link drivers. However no USB devices are found.

The documentation doesn’t explain the premise of how this is supposed to work using the USB Serial link, and I haven’t been able to piece together exactly how the WM1110 module interfaces with the USB connection.

Can anyone provide a bit more background on this or thoughts on how to debug the J-Link interface?

From what I’ve been able to figure out from the schematics, the USB-C port is connected to pins on nRF52 for UART functionality. I’m learning from the Nordic docs that the nRF52840 offers some special UART DFU functionality to enable programing from a USB Serial interface:

However, I’m not clear on how this is configured from the client end in SES, or if this bootloader is pre-flashed on the Wio-WM1110 Dev Kit.

Hi, I have the same problems that I can not connect the WIO wm1110 dev kit via the usb-c using J-link. Did you solve the issue?

Hi, please check this wiki first.Connect to JLink
if there is still a problem here, you can open a ticket on Help Center