USB disk failed after installing last Gabonator in slot 3

I’ve bought the DSO203 from Amazon. It is the previous last version as far as I know. Hardware version 2.72, SYS 1.62 and 8 MB USB disk. I played for a while with the stock firmware and I found it very limited.

Then I installed Gabonator’s app on slot 3 (the version which supports 8 MB disk) and I played with the original in slot 1 and Gabonator in slot 3. They seemed to work well and even I was able to save parameters and bmp to the usb disk.

But doing some test with Gabonator, with the DSO connected to a PC, the PC gave an error when I tried to access a bmp saying it was corrupt. Since that time I can’t save successfully any bmp either from the original firmware or the Gabonator. After reformatting the disk the problem persist. Now I can use the apps but without saving any bmp, calibration data, buffers, etc.

Saving to disk gives no error but it is useless for the application and also for the PC because the files neither has the correct structure nor the byte size supposed to have.

Now I can’t get it to save files correctly. Maybe Gabonator is not compatible with SYS 1.62 and changed something that affected also to the original app. As a curiosity, Gabonator’s about screen says: DFU V3.14C, SYS 1.62, FPGA ???, APP 1.12. So FPGA version is not detected and also slot1 is declared unknown.

I think the only way to get the DSO working is re-install the stock firmware to recover the values that Gabonator has changed. But I can’t find SYS 1.62, because the last I found was 1.61.

What do the experts think about my problem? Where I can find the last firmware? Will be safe to install the last version available in the net?

Thanks in advance.

Hi inforames,

Thanks for reminding. We delayed to update the latest firmware files in wiki. Just updated.
Please see here: … ware_V2.72

but there is still missing fw for HW 2.81. Why ?

HW2.81’s hardware is quite the same with HW2.72 except for the FPGA chip. So the sys and app are same with HW2.72.

Sorry for the deficiency of explanation.