USB Data logging using Xiao SAMD21

I am using SAMD21 Xiao board. I want to use it’s native USB as a live data capturing(data logger) in Microsoft Excel. I found a article in Microsoft article link is below. but it is only for UART with FTDI based USB(like NodeMCU). Please help me in work same with SAMD21 native USB port.

Connecting Serial Microcontroller Devices - Excel Data Streamer | Microsoft Learn

Serial.print works just fine on the Xiao SAMD21 native USB port. Try it, and then ask a question if you find something that isn’t working for you. (That article does not mention UART)

Thanks for your support.
Serial print working fine but not working with data streamer in Excel.
To test Microsoft data streamer Addin, I flashed the same piece code into NodeMCU and seedstudio Xiao SAMD21. In there only NodeMCU is working.

After long struggle, i found this one to capture live data from Xiao SAMD21.

Thank you for sharing!