USB connection problem with seeed studio xiao nrf52840

Dear all, I am new and not sure if this is the right category.

I followed a building instruction from Github GitHub - joncox123/MotoButtons: Low cost, waterproof controller for motorcycle navigation, phone and media control
Everything is working fine, but I want to update the code to a newer version from the author.
Now I am having problems with the USB connection to my PC with the Arduino IDE.
The author mentioned a problem with the USB Connection, but doing a reset helped before.

Now I think the board may have a problem. I have a second one that logs on/off correctly under Windows with the associated USB sound.
The current board works perfectly OK and can be supplied with power, but the USB connection is not working properly and I can not make a connection to the PC and Arduino IDE.
As far a I know, you only need D-/D+ for a connection (apart from +/-), so something seems to be wrong. Maybe the socket is broken, but I’m surprised that when I press the reset button on the connected board, the sound on the PC coming is the same as when you connect a USB device? So there must be something going on via USB D-/D+.
But what could be the issue? Any advice is welcome.

Hi, I noticed that the board sometimes comes on Com10 and sometimes on Com10 after double reset on the board reset. In 2 of 8 reset, it appears also as drive under windows.
So USB Port is not defect, some other problem.
But Arduino IDE can now access it. (sometimes and only with several resets)

Hi there,
LOL, It’s totally Normal.
The double reset(fast ) will put the device in BOOT LOADER Mode and present a Drive to windows.
The Port may change when in BL mode. Com10/com??
You Upload the code the first time , it may not require BL mode on,
However after the initial upload , you may need to physically press the reset button (fast) twice to get back into BL mode and be able to Upload code to it again. (usually if the code was garbage or bad)
IT’s NOT malfunctioning. You’ll need to learn and understand the Niaunce of the Xiao eco system and Techniques. So far you are Right where you need to be , in order to upload the New Sketch or in the case of a “U2F” file on the Drive that shows up.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

Check out the Getting started WiKi with all the info.

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Thank you very much :+1:

Hi there,
No Problem, One Giant caveat is the IDE you have to select the device and port each time.
If it doesn’t show the proper chip and port in the status line lower right corner.

GL :slight_smile: PJ

Yes, I noticed when you can get board information, then the connection works. :crazy_face:

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