USB CAN Analyzerv8.00


I have the USB-CAN Analyzer, version 8.00. At the moment I am trying to just test it by itself (eventually I would like to use it to monitor CAN communication between our own devices).

For now, I have it in loopback mode or in loopback + silent mode.
I see the “send” messages, but there is no “receive” messages in the window.
I can see the red Send LED and the green Receive LED blink momentarily.

What settings do I need to be able to see both send and receive messages?

Thank you.

Hello, is this product still supported and being used?

I have the same problem, have you found any solution?

Yes, resetting it makes it work. I don’t know what was “corrupted”, but setting it back to default and then configure it again gets the unit to send and receive again.

To reset / set it back to default, remove the USB from the box, short the two through holes at the side of the unit (it is labelled “DEFAULT” on mine) and then reconnect the USB with DEFAULT still shorted.

Hope that works for you as well. Good luck!

Thank you that did the trick. Much appreicated.

Hi, could anyone change baudrate from default (2000000) to 115200. I reset to default mode, but I couldn’t change after default resetting.