USB-CAN Analyzer (SKU 114991193)

Dear sir, madam,

For a project we are looking for a USB to CAN adapter and we are
currently looking at your USB-CAN Analyzer (SKU 114991193).
We need to know, however, how the hardware functions in combination with
Linux and whether it will register as a Virtual COM device under Linux.
We are not necessarily interested in the functioning of the software
under Linux, as we have a proprietary software suite that we will be
using, instead of the provided Windows software.

Could you get back to me within one business day, as the project hinges
on the need for a USB-CAN adapter?

Kind regards,
Thom van der Steenhoven

Hi Thom,

It supports, it uses CH340 chip.

If Linux system does not recognize, you can install the attached driver. It will work.


best rgds