USB C Video running at 30 Hz in 4K

Hello - I am using an Anker USB-C docking station and the video runs at 30 Hz while in 4K mode, any ideas?


@Bruce.Qin would you be able to advise if this is expected on both Windows and Linux?

This is not normal, it should support 4K 60Hz output. Can you try swapping out the dock to test it? If it still has issues, you can contact our customer service for assistance.

Hi @Bruce.Qin thank you for the prompt response! I have tested the same docking station (Artek 5th gen) with two others PCs and it works at 60Hz. Which dock have you tested the Odyssey with?


@milasx We connect the display(LG 27UL850) directly to the C port, which can display at 60Hz. We can also use a C-HDMI converter (ugreen)to achieve 60Hz display. However, if you use a converter with USB 3.0 hub functionality, generally it will only display at 30Hz due to the hub utilizing the bandwidth of the C port.
Can you share the Anker model number?

Thank you! Yes if I connect the Odissey direct to a usb C monitor it works at 60Hz so it seems to be a compatibility issue with the Anket dock. The strange thing is that the dock works at 60Hz with other boxes (hp laptop and Mac Mini). Any ideas why?


Model Number: A8388

Anker 565 USB-C Hub (11-in-1)

If it is a bandwidth issue I wonder why it works at 4k on other PCs, would you know?

Correcting my previous response, the Apple adapter also does not support 4K60Hz.I tested the adapter for Apple and it also supports 30Hz. The type C direct HDMI converter uses the DP signal of the type C interface, which supports a resolution of 4K60Hz. If a converter with HUB function is used, the HDMI signal is converted via the USB signal, which only has a bandwidth of 5G and does not support 4K60Hz.

@Bruce.Qin what I am not understanding is why a direct USB C connection works at 60Hz with the odyssey as well as why the same hub works at 6oHz with other devices. Is it a limitation of the Odyssey of not being able to support 60Hz with USB C type docks?


I think that I just figured out what is the cause: Odyssey does not support HBR3, see post here:

@Bruce.Qin can you confirm that this is the case?

Yes, this post explains it very clearly.
Intel j4125 only support HBR2( Max Resolution (DP)‡
4096x2160@60Hz), check here.