USB 4 Mic Array: Connect via Pins instead of USB?

Hi there,

I have two question regarding the Respeaker USB 4 Mic Array:

  1. Is it possible to connect USB via the pins on the bottom instead of the Micro USB connector?

    I want to save space at the side.

  2. Does it have an amplified output on the bottom pins so I can connect a non-powered speaker?

    E.g. one of the mini pi speakers

    Thank you!

Hi there,

  1. For the usb, you can see from below pictures, they are connected to xmos chip together. So you can use the usbm and usbp on the bottom side.

  2. For the audio, you can use the bottom hp_l and hp_r as well. it supports 40mw only. it supports headset only. thanks.