USB 2.0 via OTG on CM4 Dual Gigabit carrier board?

Hi, I have a CM4 Dual Gigabit carrier board for prototyping. On this board, am I able to use the USB 2.0 bus at “normal” runtime (i.e. without the boot jumper) if I use a USB-OTG cable to supply power and break out an A plug? For this particular application I need to keep the communications to/from USB2 and USB3 separate with the respective device types on their designated bus.

Hello @johnpdowling,

Could you please provide me with a rough diagram regarding the connections you are asking for, so that it will be more clear for me?

Also, you want the USB 2.0 (Type-C) in USB Host Mode or USB Device Mode?

Thank you.

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Host mode, I believe. Sorry if the ASCII art doesn’t work:

Power ->
____Pi USBC2.0

The end goal being to power up, boot via emmc, and have access to USB2.0 devices on the USB2.0 bus. We’re already fine with accessing 3.0 devices on the 3.0 A ports.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the USB 2.0 (Type-C) in HOST Mode. It can only act in device mode.