UPS / long term battery for Seeeduino

Hi there.

I’m working on a project that requires 2 weeks of battery backup in the event of a power failure.

Question 1 - what’s the tolerance on the PSU voltage of a Seeeduino ? ie - when will it blow up, when will it cease to work ?

Question 2 - Has anybody any experience integrating LARGE Amp Hour batteries into Arduino projects and also managing the charge of these large batteries ?

Would love to hear peoples thoughts.

Thanks in advance


Powering through the 5V jst, the limits are something like 7-12V. The amount of heat generated by the regulator goes up with higher voltages and higher currents

Through USB my seeeduino seems to run ok at 4.4V, though that might not be the case for every board…

I’m using a Li-Po Rider with a 2A battery. This is obviously much smaller scale than your project…

Can’t answer #1, but I have a thought for #2

I wanted to build a project which would requires 12v. I found a MicoUPS [1] which takes 12v in (easy to get, any standard wall wart for example.) and puts 12v back out. The important part is that it powers off of Lead Acid (SLA) batteries [2], which are super cheap (of course). The last component was a DC/DC converter which could take the 12v output and tune it down to 5V for Arduino’s [3].

Not saying it’s a complete solution, but an 18amp hour SLA will probably run a small arduino for a significant amount of time. Of course, if you needed more, there is also the option of connecting the batteries in parallel (not sure how that would be handled by the PicoUPS).


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