Uploading Sketch

Another newbie. I’m having a nightmare uploading sketches. The board is connected I can see the virtual com port and this is set - in boards I’ve selected Seeduinio Xadow.

But when I try and upload anything I get an error.

Can see screenshot here dropbox.com/s/9te45suqtdiht … 6.png?dl=0

Any advice welcome

Windows 10 64bit.


Could you please let us know which main board you are using with Xadow OLED.

1.Xadow supports Arduino IDE 1.6.3/1.6.4 so please use them to program.

2.Select the correct COM port.

Thanks and Regards

How do I tell which board… its one out of the wearables kit.

I found that the new version of Arduino just wouldn’t compile any of your examples as the paths were wrong. I selected the virtual com port as per the instructions.