Upload to WIO terminal causes java - access denied

Platform: MAC IDE: Atduino Environment: / device = WioTerminal (yes)
/ port = /dev/cu.usbmodem21101 (yes)
/GetBrd-info= WIOTerminal
VID =0X2886
Sketch: Blink

The file compiles fine, as it should. But when I go to upload it I get the following error-

Sketch uses 30988 bytes (6%) of program storage space. Maximum is 507904 bytes.
Failed uploading: cannot execute upload tool: fork/exec /Users/john/Library/Arduino15/packages/Seeeduino/tools/bossac/1.8.0-48-gb176eee/bossac: permission denied

Works fine if I use a nano Arduino in place of the WIO. So I believe it’s some system call in WIO Terminal process that allows Arduino to select WIO devices in the Arduino Board Manager but I have no clue as how to fix. I’ve deleted: Arduino, Arduino15 folder from Seeed process, java. I’ve reinstalled Arduino, Seeed terminal file and java.
I tried reloading to the WIO and NO fly! ANY help would be appreciated.