Upload error

I continuosly got error "Upload failed: " without any further explanations when I try to upload my .zip file with gerbers for PCBA service.

Is it a common problem? How can I solve it?


Hi Simone,

Could you send your file to pcb@seeedstudio.com
We will check and feedback you within 24 hours.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have the same exact error when I try to upload a file. I then tried to upload the file that is already in my cart and it also failed. Has something changed with your upload tool in the last few days?

Really sorry for the inconvenience.

At the beginning we just want to detect every Gerber file’s size and layer, and the Gerber preview, and see if any file is missing.
But we really underestimated our customer’s Gerber is diversified, and the upload system is somehow broken.

Now we have fixed the bug, please try again.Thanks!

Best regards