Upgraded v2.6 firmware, now can't change timebase

I upgraded to the latest firmware for the v2.6 hardware. When I booted up, I changed the timebase to 200us.

Now I can’t get to the sync mode with navigator b (so I can press navigator a to change timebase). Usually I would scroll to the right from CH(D), but now it skips the sync setting and goes to XPOS in the bottom right.

I tried reinstalling the firmware (to see if it would reset everything), but the device seems to be stuck in this buggy state. It keeps the timebase at 200us after each boot.

Please advise.

Okay, I found the fix. Navigate to XPOS and “press” NAV-A. This is a very bizarre menu system. Glad my device still works! :smiley:

You navigate throught menu using navigator B and throught submenus pushing navigator A.
But the system remembers itself in what submenu you were. So when you navigate with navigator B you don’t always return to the top of a menu but in the submenu you were the last time.

It doesn’t seem consistent. I would just have it go to sync mode first every time. The other menus don’t remember where I left off (which is confusing, because the sync/timebase/XPOS menu group does)