Upgrade Respeaker core v2 to debian buster

I was wondering if someone had a quick walk-through on how to best update the respeaker core v2 to buster, because rhasspy doesn’t work on stretch.
I tried the traditional way which worked for me before on ubuntu, which means:
1.change every instance of “stretch” to “buster” in the repo list
2. sudo apt update
3. sudo apt upgrade
4. sudo reboot
5. sudo apt dist-upgrade

At first it seemed to complete without problem, until I noticed I was not able to get an IP address assigned from my DHCP server anymore (I am using pi-hole with unbound in docker as my DHCP and DNS servers).
Did I approach this totally wrong and there is another way of upgrading to buster that’s specific for the respeaker? Would anyone who successfully updated to buster be willing to share the steps they took with me? I retried for the 3rd time from scratch now and the result is always the same, I could really need a nudge in the right direction :slight_smile:

(I forgot to mention that rhasspy will run as satellite on the respeaker, all the heavy lifting will be done by a NUC7i5 running ubuntu, but I guess that has nothing to do with my problem…)

Okay since I got no answers so far… Is my question that obvious or stupid that it does not warrant a quick reply? I tried searching the forum but found nothing pertaining to an upgrade to buster…
So do I even need to upgrade to buster is my question I guess? Or does rhasspy run fine in docker on stretch?

Same problem here… I spent a lot of effort on making things work on Buster, but failed.
I did a full-upgrade from Stretch to Buster, but some network-related services don’t work as they did on Stretch.
In my case, I am trying to make the ReSpeaker as an access point, but re-wifi.service doesn’t work on Buster(it fails with a kernel error). My guess for now is that some respeaker-specific packages(which are officially meant only for Stretch) don’t work with Buster, as can also be seen in the link below, which was in the repo list.

You said the upgrade completed without problem, but did the respeaker repo (deb [arch=armhf] http://respeaker.seeed.io/deb buster main) download successfully too?