Updating wireless firmware on Wio Terminal

Are these instructions supposed to work on Linux (Raspberry Pi / ARM)

I can put the rtl8720_update_v2.uf2 file onto the Wio Terminal and get it to a “Burn” screen, but running the erase step results in:

python3 ./ambd_flash_tool.py erase
/bin/sh: 1: /home/pi/Downloads/ambd_flash_tool-master/tool/linux/amebad_image_tool: Exec format error


I’m guessing the tool is assuming x86 only.

Hi @andypiper,

Unfortunately it can only run on x86 systems.

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I use RaspberryPi as my computer right now. I know I was able to update the WIO Terminal firmware from the Pi before using the Arduino IDE. Is updating the wireless firmware only available on x86 machine?
When can I do this from the pi? You are making me waste this wonderful machine because of this updating restrictions!!!