updating the firmware

ok just got one of these dso201, and everyone is talking about updating the firmware, just one stupid question, this one says version 4.30, so is it worth updating to benf 3.* or not

My new DSO 201 was also delivered with v 4.30 and I played with it some days before upgrading to BenF’s 3.64.
What I remember:

  • below 10µs/div no stable trigger
  • wrong or no Measurement of frequency when >50kHz
  • no 5s/div or 10s/div range
  • small voltages shown as zero
  • negative voltages not shown
  • Linethickness not constant

With BenF 3.64 (patched version for ILI_9341 driver)

  • Trigger works better
  • displays exact frequency up to 500kHz (theoretical limit)
  • better resolution for voltage readout
  • Zero Cal is automatic and Cal is better in steps of 1LSB
  • less noise at 10mV/div due to Average mode
    There are countless improvements in BenF’s Firmware, please read the revisions.txt.

Personally I’m very happy with this upgrade, now it is a usable tool.

this was the most fun tying to do this–go here docs.google.com/file/d/0BwsfhRa … 1OOFU/edit get file for the newest file for the newest dso v1 change the name to BENF_P2.hex copy to the dso on the computer and wait for it to show rdy instead of hex and turn off and turn on. been trying to get this done for over a week and started noticing that most of the posts are OLD but thanks to you guys and google, thank god for google, finally found THE file and after you change the name it worked first time and yes it is nicer esp to have all the meter readouts displayed, so thanks to all you guys and good luck