updating SDlogger firmware

Hi, I’ve purchased two SDloggers from SeeedStudio, and one of them seems to have wrong firmware written; it outputs “Type any character to start” via UART when power up, and starts interval logging something (ADC value?) in CSV format to SD card. (Another one outputs initializizing status, “12<” when power up.)
I wish to write correct firmware to this SDlogger, and seeked how to build it. Descriptions on SDlogger says that it has a OpenLog firmware of v1.6 compiled with SDHC/FAT32 and larger bufffer options. I obtained OpenLog v1.6 source, but I can’t find where to edit to set SDHC/FAT32 options; they are supported in a v2 firmware…?

Where to edit original OpenLog v1.6 firmware for SDlogger?



I’ve downloaded OpenLog source of ver1.6, and editted Makefile, main.c, uart.h, sd_raw_config.h to set buffer size as 2048, SDHC support enabled, processor of ATmega644p with clock of 14.7456MHz, and then did ‘make’ in command prompt.
(I’ve not written firmware to SDlogger using avrdude yet.)

Is this method OK?