Updating firmware question

I’ve installed the DfuSe upload tool but it doesn’t recognize my DSO as one of its devices. Windows has the DSO listed as eDesign DSO flash disc device. How can I get DfuSe to recognize it?


Provide more info on the device and what you are trying to do please, ie. Nano version, current firmware, what firmware trying to update to…

Sorry, forgot that…

DSO201 currently with what shipped, version 1.5.20p according to the screen. I’d like to install the BenF 3.64


It looks like you have the new bootloader in your Nano. To update, you have to use the bent 3.64 hex files made by alf.

Go HERE and get the attached zip in post #5 from top of page. Unzip and copy the two files to your Nano.

It seems I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I copied the 2 files to the device and Explorer shows V353_LIB.RDY and V364_APP.ERR The DSO won’t boot any more. Hope I didn’t break anything.

The update screen says Device Firmware Upgrade V3.20A

Thanks again.

Update -

Found an earlier post in that thread - V201_ and that was successful. I hope that will suffice?


Hi Had similar problems, wouldn’t reconise the nano in the dfuse program I tried everything, gave up in the end, installed the 2 hex files from Alf, ended up with a blank white screen, reinstalled original firmware, ver 4.22 now from Chinese website, works ok again now see my other blogs username g4vvq best wishes Fred.