Updated: Community-Driven Design | We Upgraded the Design of the LoRa E5 CAN Bus Vehicle Monitoring Device!

#WishList :alarm_clock: Product cooking time. We’re designing a Vehicle Monitoring Device based on a Seeed LoRa E5 and CAN Bus. With this module, you can build a LoRa sensor network where you can use the onboard CAN Bus to read the sensor data of the car and send the data back through LoRa. The device will come with the following features:

1⃣️ LoRa-E5 module
2⃣️ CAN Bus communication, MCP2515, and SN65HVD230
3⃣️ A variety of power supply methods, lithium battery, USB, and 7-28V DC input, as well as a solar panel input connector
4⃣️ USB to serial function, using USB to communicate with the board
5⃣️ Low-power design, the CAN Bus power on the board and the output power can be turned off through the MOS FET to save power
6⃣️ Two Grove connectors for easy access to the 300+ Grove modules
7⃣️ Optional u-FL and SMA antenna

:thinking: Do you like this design? Shall we scale it up to make it available in our official store? What other features/IOs/functions that you’d love to add to this product? Any price suggestions? Shout-our your voices in this forum discussion​:point_down:. Or if you prefer, feel free to join our Discord for a more in-depth discussion.

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Dear all, thank’s for inviting the community for feed back.

I’m running a small company which develops products for the sailing industry: modern sensors of any kind connected to CANbus (NMEA2000) found on almost all boats. Some sensors will be connected via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 5.2) to a central communications gateway. Thank’s to the very low power consuming footprint. We’re using Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52 family.

So please can you add BLE 5.2 on the board. Many thanks in advance.

Kind regard Vojagxo


Hi Vojagxo, thanks so much for offering your valuable inputs. I will convey the message to our product manager. :slight_smile:

Hi Vojagxo! Thank you very much for your proposal. I have just communicated with our product manager that the function of BLE may not have much to do with the actual use scenario of my board, which will make the board more complicated. We will consider your opinion again! Have a great day! :slight_smile:

Hi Sun, thank you for your answer. I understand your response very well. Integrating BLE makes the board too complicated and you will loose focus.

I’m convinced that the board will see high demand from the global market. The combination of ARM Cortex-M4 with CAN (MCP2515 and SN65HVD230) and LoRa is very attractive for many use cases - not only for vehicles…

Kind regards Vojagxo

don’t leave out a GPS option.
i design tracking devices and that’s a must.
SPI and I2C are most common busses for these

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Count me in as interested, I have been looking for something like this to troubleshoot cars and have some of that OB2 info on a display in the vehicle. Tell us what you want from us, we are not programmers but we can suggest, test, break and report back.

The test equipment out there that is under $1100 is too basic, we all need bi-directional communication on all available CAN Busses. Yes to GPS as well.

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Updated: Community-Driven Design | We Upgraded the LoRa E5 CAN Bus Vehicle Monitoring Device

Hey community,

We got tons of valuable feedback and input from you since we published the Voice Needed for a LoRa E5 CAN Bus Vehicle Monitoring Device. A very big shout-out to those who got your voices heard. Now time for an upgraded design. Our product team has modified the designs according to the community feedback. Here are some of the most exciting changes:

  • Change the USB interface to Type-C
  • Support CAN 2.0 and CAN FD
  • Add a waterproof case for the device
  • Add protection circuits, such as ESD, etc.
  • Add 485 communication interface

What do you think of this upgraded design? Feel free to share your comments and thoughts.

BTW. This device will be available for pre-order on May 26, 2022. Getting excited? Please stay tuned for more updates here or on our Discord!

:gift: One more Easter Egg! For those community members who offered your valuable feedback generously, we will offer a discount coupon for you to get this long-waited newbie.

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Hey, community, we launched the LoRa-E5 CAN Development Kit on June 2nd. We can’t make it without the community power and the spirit of open source. If you missed out on the previous updates, please check the attached infographic to learn How We Build the LoRa-E5 CAN Development Kit Together with The Community. You can also read the full story on how we listen to the community voices and take action on modifying the devices here: We Listen and Take Action #9: A sense of engagement, Seeed builds the LoRa-E5 CAN Development Kit together with the community. - Latest Open Tech From Seeed

To show our gratitude, we’re now giving away 3 LoRa-E5 CAN Development Kits to the community!

How to enter the giveaway?
1⃣️ Join our Discord community
2⃣ Share what project you are going to build with our LoRa-E5 CAN Development Kit by following the instruction on our new-products channel :point_right: Seeed Discord Community

:alarm_clock: We’ll select 3 of our favorite projects to give away the kits. Winner announcement: June 20, 2022.

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